• Pond Pump


    For those seeking to add a fountain to their pond, this pump is an ideal choice. It boast boasts a straightforward yet robust design, allowing for easy adjustment of water flow and control over fountain height. Additionally, it's safe for pond life, ensuring the well-being and contentment of your fish.

    It comes with attachments allowing for 4 different types of fountain.


    • Ideal for fountains and water features
    • Includes fountain attachment set with 4 fittings
    • Low running cost
    • Pond-life friendly
    • It comes without a plug but one can be added or it can be wired into the mains by an electrician 

    Product specifications and additional information:

    • Maximum flowrate: 700 L/H (154 GPH)
    • Power cable length: 10m (33') 
    • Maximum head: 1.2m (4' 0")
    • Outlet diameters: 13mm (0.5")
    • Power consumption: 9 Watts
    • Dimensions: L x W x H = 140 x 75 x 75mm (5.5" x 3" x 3")
    • 240v