Corten Steel Pond

  • The impressive Corten Steel Pond enhances any outdoor area as a grand centerpiece. Transform your garden with the addition of this evocative water feature. The distinctive Corten Steel orange truly enhances and sets off the surroundings of your garden.

    The Ponds are lined with a non-toxic polyurea coating to prevent the pond water becoming contaminated with Corten rust.

    Our sleek Ponds are made of durable Corten Steel that will naturally weather and develop a beautiful and protective layer of rust. The water bubbles up from stainless steel nozzle and flows across the table.

    • Polyurea coating on the inside as standard
    • Weatherproof and durable
    • Made from high quality 3mm Corten Steel
    • Five-year warranty
    • Install the water table on a solid and level surface
  • The Corten Steel Pond is available in 22 standard sizes as specified below along with the weights.

    Length x Width x Height Weight Price
    L 120 x W 80cm H 40cm   86kg £1,395.00
    L 120 x W 80cm H 60cm 106kg £1,695.00
    L 150 x W 80cm H 40cm 101kg £1,595.00
    L 150 x W 80cm H 60cm 124kg £1,950.00
    L 200 x W 80cm H 40cm 128kg £1,995.00
    L 200 x W 80cm H 60cm 156kg £2,395.00
    L 250 x W 120cm H 40cm 190kg £2,895.00
    L 250 x W 120cm H 60cm 228kg £3,395.00
    L 300 x W 80cm H 40cm 181kg £2,750.00
    L 300 x W 80cm H 60cm 221kg £3,295.00
    L 300 x W 100cm H 40cm 201kg £2,995.00
    L 300 x W 100cm H 60cm 243kg £3,595.00
    L 300 x W 150cm H 40cm 252kg £3,695.00
    L 300 x W 150cm H 60cm 298kg £4,350.00
    L 300 x W 200cm H 40cm 306kg £4,495.00
    L 300 x W 200cm H 60cm 358kg £5,195.00
    L 400 x W 100cm H 40cm 259kg £3,895.00
    L 400 x W 100cm H 60cm 311kg £4,595.00
    L 500 x W 80cm H 40cm 317kg £4,695.00
    L 500 x W 80cm H 60cm 380kg £5,500.00
    L 600 x W 80cm H 40cm 377kg £5,500.00
    L 600 x W 80cm H 60cm 440kg £6,695.00

  • The Pond comes in Corten Steel.

    Corten Steel, also known as weather resistant steel, is a very strong steel alloy. As soon as Corten Steel is exposed to the elements it will naturally weather and develop a protective layer of rust. This natural fixed coating of rust provides protection against further corrosion.


    Characteristics of Corten Steel are the brown-orange rust colour and its longevity. Our Corten Steel products are delivered in an un-rusted state and the weathering process will take about 4-5 months.

    Please note that during the weathering period, run-off can stain adjacent materials

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